10.01.12 | XFA Sponsors the Equity Volatility Symposium in London & Geneva

XFA is pleased to announce we will again join Bloomberg and the Chicago Board Options Exchange in sponsoring the Equity Volatility Symposium in London (October 30, 2012) and in Geneva (November 1, 2012). The Symposium will include renowned market experts with up-to-date insights on market analysis, the impact of politics on financial markets and implementation of options and volatility strategies.Tim Hendricks, Managing Member of XFA, will sit on the Panel of U.S. Options and Market Volatility Market Structure. Dr. Pippa Malmgren, President of Principalis Asset Management, will be the key note speaker.

Please refer to the links below for details. Registration is free and space is limited.
Registration conferences@bloomberg.net or +44 207 330 7500

Strategy Symposium: London
Strategy Symposium: Geneva